I was looking for a good - small - portable all tube amp for classic rock, blues, oldies.
I wanted an all tube combo, and found a pretty good deal on this one. It should arrive in 3 or 4 days. A couple questions ... I'm wondering how well it will drive a second cab (in the future sometime)? Anyone swap the tubes on one of these? How good are the tubes it comes with?
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Engater Rebel 30 Brother!

This thread will probably be closed
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Engater Rebel 30 Brother!

This thread will probably be closed

I read a lot of the stickies, but I guess I missed that one.
Strict rules..

I don't see the harm in someone expressing some of their excitement over this sort of thing. D:
If you don't have any musical budzzz then there isn't really anyone to talk to about it.

anyways. awesome. I've always thought something of that size would be cool to have for the easy portability.
I'm really looking forward to my amp getting here within this next week as well
Maybe update your OP with some questions.

That will help you stay in the clear. Again. Not my rules man, just tryin to help a noob out.


Hey I'm getting a new Rebel 30 and I'm really excited. What kind of tubes do you think I should look at to get the most out of my amp? Also, if I were to hook this up to an extension cab, does anyone have any good ideas on what kind of speakers/cabs would work well? And if I wanted to boost it into heavier territory - what kinds of boosts or overdrive pedals do you guys suggest?

I agree, strict rules.
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The sticky rules are there for a reason. We can't have these kinds of threads cluttering up GG&A. We may miss one of the 15,000 "what amp", or "Spider IV vs MGDFX100" threads that will be started this week.

oh, and happy (soon to be) new amp day!
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H(prs)NAD! Rebels are sweet amps, I think you're gonna love it.
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