Hi guys. I recently bought this new tuner, works like a dream! But I notice that whenever I'm tuning the 4th string (D) it always reads it as A and then G and then D. (flickering) I've checked with other tuners, my guitar is properly in tune. But why does it do this?

My theory is that it just might be my guitar. What's yours? Thanks!

- Patrick
Tuners can pick up overtones instead of the string you're playing. Usually tuning on the neck pickup with the volume and tone both down about halfway will minimize this.
Not a plug-in tuner, you mean. Chromatic doesn't have anything to do with whether it clips on or not.

Anyway, the principle is the same. Unless the battery is dying, it's still overtones being picked up as stronger than the fundamental note. You just need to do the acoustic equivalent to turning your volume and tone down - move the clip to a part of the guitar that doesn't vibrate as strongly, or dampen the vibrations to the clip with some tape or fabric perhaps. Pick with your thumb instead of a pick, nearer to the fretboard than the bridge.
Yeah, I meant a plug-in tuner.

But anyways, I do pick with my thumb when I'm tuning. Other than that, I'll give your advice a try. Thanks!
Try tuning using the harmonic on the 12th fret. The tuner is locking onto harmonics of the fundamental; hitting the harmonic on the octave kills most of the troublesome other harmonics that your tuner is picking up..
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