Ok, so, I bought this bass probably about... 10 years ago, now. When I bought it was loaded with a Bad-Ass II, EMGs and a Pearloid pickguard. It's a 96 Fender Mexican Standard P-bass.

I kept the Bad-Ass II, but put in a Duncan Vintage Pickup and the Gold pickguard. The question is: what finish is this thing?!

It's a deep blue/purple color, depending on the lighting. I'm inclined to believe it's a limited edition color and am curious if anyone else has seen this color before. I always thought it was "electric blue," but I've had it in the same venue as "electric blue" mexis, and it looks NOTHING alike.

Thanks in advance.

PS, I've tried recreating the purple look in pictures, it doesn't really happen. It's a REALLY deep looking color in person.

PS, maybe this old film picture captures the purple a little bit better
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It's just a blue, fenders colors can vary, could be a refin, but looks like a normal fender mim blue they have every so often.

Please don't call a '96 bass anything close to vintage... I was born in 1990 I'm 21, I am hardly close to an antique and my freshmen cousin (1996) isn't either lol. But hell maybe my 2008 telecaster is vintage now, it is two years into a new decade.
demi, derived from french to mean "semi." It's a 16 year old bass. 32 would be vintage, hence this is "demi-vintage." It's a cute play on words. I don't regard this one's pedigree in the same way one would a '74 or a '62.

Honestly, the pictures don't really do it justice, but I've also never seen a Mexi (of any vintage/model) with as deep a blue color as the top picture shows. The "Electric Blue" color that was available from the mid nineties to the early 00's is the closest standard color, and it looks nothing like that.

I'll try to capture some of the more nuanced depths of the color under different lights. It's literally a finsih I've NEVER seen before (or since) and am interested in seeing if it's some sort of limited edition color.
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I'm 99.99% sure its Midnight Blue. It was a dark blue color used on MIM instruments in the 90's, in the right light it has a kind of purple-ish look to it.

Its not a limited edition. It is slightly more uncommon then white, black, sunburst, and whatever red Fender was using at the time, but its not a relatively rare color like Agave Blue or anything.
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I've never seen another midnight blue Fender in person, thanks guys. A google search of the color shows it is. Thanks!
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