Thinking about takeout in person lessons. What should inha e accomplished before i go?
Whtshoulr I look for in a teacher?

Or is DVD's better ?
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Find a teacher who has a plan that they can at least roughly explain in terms of how you will produce your voice differently than you do now.

Learning to sing is not about repertoire, it is about how to produce the voice properly. If they don't teach you to produce your voice differently than the way you are producing it now, all you will learn is songs.

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I say go with a teach you will be along with, who knows and respects the music your into. If they are a proffetional singer teaching on the side, they could have a lot of great experience to pass onto you.

Dont go for a teacher who has a set way of teaching every student. Some teachers just say 'buy this book' and then work through it. Go with some one who can personalize lessons to your own needs.

Make sure you enjoy your lessons.

And you dont have to achieve any thing before you start taking lessons. You could know absolutely nothing, they wont mind at all.