I'm gonna give you an example, Metallica's Fade To Black LIVE: --


happens around 0:40 - 0:45

Does anybody know how to make that high sound before the fast part at the intro solo? it sounds like a pinch harmonic but i can't get it, haven't figured how to play the note and then make that high sound. Any comments appreciated
Pretty sure its feedback.
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There's actually a drive switch in the back. he toggles it with his belly button if you look closely at 0:43.

[Its just feedback dude
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Feedback. Face your guitar's pickups to your amp and play a chord.
If your amp is turned up loud enough / you're close enough to your speaker, the strings should keep vibrating until you mute them / turn your guitar's volume down / get away from your amp.
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That's unfortunate, but it's still feedback. Your rig makes a big difference in how quickly or violently you get feedback, but you can start by turning the amp up, standing closer to it, using hotter pickups or more input signal, etc.