Confused: Presets VS tone library VS "edit".

Greetings. I must be as thick as a brick, because one thing confuses me and I can't find a clear answer. I have RTFM over and over, and I am still confused....

Let's say I power up the 255 and it starts with preset "VOXXY". Sounds great, but all I want is a clean palette so I can dial in a straight unadulterated 57 Fender Champ. When I press "edit" and scroll up to the "amplifier" row, does that take me completely OUT of preset mode, able to dial in my Champ, starting from scratch? Or does this "edit" the currently selected preset??

Also, when I am in "preset" mode, if I turn Knob 1, I can access patches from the "Tone Library". But, I will turn the knob until it says the name of the tone library patch...then the display reverts back to the name of the preset (eg: VOXXY)!

So, I guess my question is:
What is the exact difference between Presets (foot switches), Tone Library (Knob 1) and "Edit"? Are they 3 separate modes or are they interrelated somehow?

Thank you! This is driving me mad!
When you press edit, you'll not go into a mode in which you can start from scratch. You'll always be editing that particular preset.
I never used that tone library thingy, but maybe thats for your tone from scratch?
You will be editing the current preset, but if you don't store it then it will revert back after cycling power or switching to another preset. When you go to store the edited preset you have the option of storing in another preset location so the original preset remains unchanged (after switching preset or cycling power).

You can also store the current preset in another location without editing, if you want that preset as a starting point. So you could make a baseline preset and then use it to create other presets. This could be useful if you always wanted to start from scratch with no FX enable. Just go into edit mode and turn off every active effect/amp/etc, then save as a preset and call it something like "Blank" or "Scratch".

last answer....

Preset - a bunch of fx setting stored in a location.

Tone Library - the equivalent of a preset stored in a factory location for you to use as a starting point. When you select one it changes the current preset to the tone library item selected. But if you don't store it is not going to stick around after switching presets or cycling power.

Edit - allows you to edit whatever preset you have selected.
This was incredibly helpful. I will indeed save a preset called "scratch" as a starting point for a bunch of new presets.

Thank you kind sir.