Hi I got an email this week about buying a dvd bundle (marty shwartz) I am thinking of buying it but they are from the usa and I am in the uk, would they work. has anyone learned via him and his dvds
I don't know if they have a region code, but if they do I'm pretty sure there are sites that help you 'unlock' your dvd player to play other codes......

also I don't think this is nessecarily the right area to post this, but I also don't know which one would be
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The correct answer is US is region 1, UK is region 2. Unless you have a multi region dvd player you won't be able to play them. However most computers can be switched from region to region a limited amount of times so that could work.

Also, post in the pit if anywhere, this is a guitar site. Closed
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.