I'v just realized D'Addario XL 010 - 046 strings come as either balanced light gauge or regular light gauge.

What are the differences between the two? and whats more popular.

For a very long time now I have used the XL 009 - 042 super light gauge strings.

But I'll check your thoughts first.
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The .09 gauge will be easier to bend - This can be both a good thing and a bad thing:

Pro: Your fingers will have less work to do when you're benging
Con: If you fret your notes too hard you'll find you actually bend the pitch up slightly.

The .09s will sound brighter, and the .10s will sound warmer.

It's all down to preference really, personally I use .10s. As far as I know more people use .10s than .09s, but I'm not sure

Edit: Nevermind, I read the OP wrong
Man, just buy the sets and try them. Jesus. They're like what, $10 a pack?
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The balanced set has slightly different string gauges, supposedly creating a more even tension across the neck.

^+1 Just try them out, strings are a personal preference.
+1 to above answers. Strings affect both tone and feel, but since both of these are a matter of preference, only you can be the judge of what's good and what's not. Just try out different sets and different brands - eventually you'll find your way.

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