Not sure if this is the right section of the forum - but here goes...

I want to start learning to play keyboard and was looking for suggestions for starting out on a budget. I have no previous experience playing keys and will be trying to teach myself from scratch.

I'm looking to find out whether or not something like an entry level Yamaha with 61keys would be good enough to last me until I reach a decent ability level.

My budget is around £100 or so, so obviously 2nd hand instruments are something I'd look at. I dont think I could stretch to something with weighted keys and whatnot, but is that likely to hamper progression early on?

I dunno if the sort of music I want to play would effect my options either, I'm not particularly fussed about styles/sounds at the minute, I just want to be able to learn how to play.

Please ask if there's somethin I neglected to mention. Cheers
If you're a bit tech savvy you can save a bit of money. Typically, you can find midi keyboards cheaper than keyboards with built-in sounds. So, if you can obtain vst instruments for free you can get greater flexibility from your keyboard for a lot cheaper.
I think you're on the right track with an entry level Yamaha. That's what I picked up a couple of years ago to start fiddling around. Got one with a little screen to show you exactly which note you're playing. It was about $150 in Canada, so I believe that's right around your budget.
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