Do any of these existed. I'm looking to develop a full set of pedals as I'm using a multieffects one at the moment, which is good but upping the quality would be cool
Anyway I'm looking at pedal boards which look really useful and I'm wondering if there are any (preferably Boss) where you can get a full pedal set including distortion/fuzz/gain, delay, reverb, wah etc.
It is possible. Just buy them individually. Same thing.
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Craigslist. You'd basicly be letting someone else pick your pedals for you though
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I've never really heard of such a thing, but you might find something of that sort.
Generally though it's better just to find effects that you personally like and just mix 'n' match them to suit yourself..
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I hope they don't! Don't buy a brand just because you have other pedals by them. The better pedalboards will have a combination of different bands - while it wont necessarily look as 'cool'.

When you have to buy them all yourself, you spend more time thinking about each one, rather than just buying Boss everytime, or MXR everytime etc.
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you'll have to go second hand
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I know Custom Audio Electronics does it for professional musicians, not sure if they'll do one for you.

You know that the whole fun of putting together a pedalboard is in the design and building of it. I'm not sure why you'd want to pay someone else to have that fun.
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seen complete pedalboards many times on ebay
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I think Musician's Friend sells a pedalboard/pedal combo pack for Danelectro, but I wouldn't go that route. Part of having a pedalboard is having the ability to change out the parts of it whenever your fancy wishes and budget allows.
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