So I love my MIM strat, but I would like to get better tone and better intonation from it, so i plan on changing the nut and tuners, but I can't decide what to change the tremolo too.

I've talked to a few people at two guitar shops, and they haven't helped me.

so here are what I'm looking at, if someone can advice me on which to get, that would be awesome!




Cheers and thanks
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I personally prefer the Gotoh stuff. Callaham has good products but they come with a hefty price tag that I feel is for the most part unnecessary. If I'm going to pay that much for a bridge it'll be a Gotoh 1996.
would you recommend the vintage or traditional? or is it really just preference?
Strat, Les Paul

Big Muff, Ibz Wh 10, BossCS 3, Boss DS 2, Binyang fl-8, Binyang Ch-8, MXR micro amp, MXR 90
I think the Vintage is the better bridge but the traditional is still a good bridge compared to what is in a MIM strat. However the traditional is easier to tweak intonation on if that is an issue for you. The Vintage isn't difficult but it's a bit of a pain compared to the traditional. Both are far easier than a floyd to tweak.
The jury is out on those for me. I've seen the inserts crack a few times on string savers. The ones for a strat bridge aren't nearly as bad as the ones on a Floyd though. I've seen just about ever set of String Savers for a Floyd crack in a few months time. I think you'd be just as well off to keep the steel ones on the traditional and lubricate the point where the strings rest across the saddle with Tri-flow Superior Dry Lubricant at each string change. This product can be found at most bicycle shops. It goes on wet but dries completely in a couple of minutes, leaving a completely dry teflon coating. Do the same thing to the trem posts where they hit the knife edge to minimize wear.
I say callaham all the way. It's definitely worth what they charge. They feel and sound awesome. I almost bought the entire strat hardware kit, but i ended up just buying the tremolo replacement. it gives my guitar so much more sustain than the old stock fender bridge and it stays in tune with heavy use. i have a friend who also has a callaham trem on his strat and has a callaham bridge on his tele. he loves both of them. and david gilmour loves callaham as well, so thats reassuring!


^^these are also really great direct replacements. ive only used one once, but it was really cool. super smooth and sustain for days. Its very touch sensitive too.
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