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would God be her guide, one to follow - with her future held by his side
O would God be her guide.

nineteen eighty six, here comes maybe
two thousand eleven, and here comes greatness

start with mourning. no crying no crawling no walking no talking -
heart unfortunate - but then father is calling,

honours and a scholarship [well that's a flash to the future]. most popular too
graduated, accepted, youngest at the station, furthered,
American entertainment. enter debut. best and a nomination,
actress and here comes the greatness---

but not before
and the influence, immense
super stardom--- would God be her guide, with her future by his side

nineteen eighty six said maybe.
two thousand and eleven. well that said greatness.


Why I Hate Bill Shakespeare

I had a teacher try to tell me once

that Shakespeare didn’t exist—

that he was several people

and nobody at all.

If it were true, I wouldn’t mind

that he never happened

because when I see so many people

read his poems satisfied

without understanding a line of it,

I am left


for my own voice

to communicate

what I’ve been meaning to tell you.


"You can chain me, torture me
even destroy this body,
but you will never imprison this mind"

A Dhati for a cape,
Glasses over his face,
From '69 to '48
The truest form of great,
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

What he believed he became,
Thoughts and actions, one the same.
Liked your Christ not your Christians,
His health was his real wealth.

His peaceful weapons brought in salt,
And Indian independence.
Achieving more in his one life,
Than most would do in 50.
The one man revolution who,
Should never be forgotten.

For living life as if he'd die tomorrow,
And leaning as if he would never,
Forgetting anger before laying to sleep,
Having faith in God, and faith in man.


Symphony No. 38 in D major, K. 504

Adagio – Allegro, 4/4 (Sonata form)

Most art is crap, she said, I'd rather listen to Bach or the B-52s. The night was dark and the luminescent white flowers freshly blossomed with Spring on whatever indistinguishable tree grows in the front yard was a classical Chinese poem – Tu Fu, Li Po, or someone like that, some old master you once read, translation Rexroth, Pound, or Williams. Think, That's all those little poems ever are – blossoms, breezes, boughs. That's all anything ever is.

Andante in G major, 6/8 (Sonata form)

Some phony no one in a flat; the first movement on Dante; three sets of triplets and no Beatrice here, but rather, a Mannheim Rocket; and did you hear? in 1812 they had artillery right on the stage! and a fanfare that was straight out of Dickens. Say, God bless us everyone; war is over if you want it. Say, For those about to Bach, we will shoot you; sing some unfinished Requiem as Charon poles you across the River Styx; oh momma I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law. Young man, young Rimbaud songwriter composing some lewd Verlaine symphony at eight years old; bled from the wrist for love with your manic boy's laugh; Sir Elton on stage in a Donald Duck costume because you can't Handel the truth; hangman is coming down from the gallows and I don't have very long.

Finale (Presto), 2/4

And aren't we all just waiting for that miracle, Leonard Cohen, for some kind of entertainment that won't judge us too severely? I know it must have hurt your pride to stand beneath my window with your bugle and your drum like some kind of perverse it-is-the-east-and-Juliet-is-the-sun situation; beneath my eyes in heaven and the all envious moon. The maestro says it's Mozart but it sounds like bubble gum or Peter Gabriel, 1980s angel gatekeeper of teenage romance. The light! the heat! In your eyes I am complete! She speaks!

5. PABLO PICASSO, recording: here

Hey mama, Is this where my nose goes?
No son, It should go near your toes
Hey papa, should this circle go there?
Probably, Son. But it should be a square

Cubism in its purist form
That’s Picasso, of this you should be warned
He had a period
Unlike most of us men
But his blood was blue
What happened then?
What happened then

Hey Andrew Bird, Does this look like a violin?
Oh, it does I guess I should change it then
Hey Jimi, does this look like a guitar
If it does I should change it, or smash it with a bar

He loved music in every form
That’s Picasso, of this you should be warned
He had a period
Unlike most of us men
But his blood was blue
What happened then?


---The Crash of '35---

The pompadour is not a fashion statement
and Elvis never sang in Roswell, by design.

Dark beams streaking across a noon-time sky;
a collect call from the motherland
hinting that playtime might be over,
responsibility has come.
The hips gyrate a final time,
a hail to good times gone;
the never ending stream of human women and
the libations long outlawed in the more civilized nebulae.
A dark cloud swoops down,
and a body falls limp as the spirit departs.
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