I'm gonna start building my pedal collection, move on from the multi effects. I'm gonna get them all second hand because condition doesn't really bother me. I'm going to get a boss ds-1 distortion and from their i'll work it out. I think I'll stick with boss for everything except wah where I'll treat myself to a Zak Wylde. The pedals I'll definitely get will be:

Anything else? I would like to be able to create a massive range of sounds
I think you should try the guitar gear forum, might get better response there.

Anyways, i'd recommend a sustainer, compressor, phaser and chorus.
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Don't buy a DS1 though, they're a bit pants - to be honest you don't have to buy used to get decent pedals these days, look at Joyo stuff
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Get a bad monkey for your od pedal.
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Distortion, yes, you may wanna add there a compressor and sustainer, delay, chorus, phaser or flanger, if you want a wah well that maybe, and if you plan to gig, probably a volume. It never hurts to have a decent OD also, if you are low on cash a bad monkey would be good. Ehm... just don't place them in the order in which I mentioned them =S
definitely check out tons of options at your local store. some pedals are more versatile than others and I'm happy with the flange/chorus/phase/echo/delay sounds I can get from just my flanger and delay pedals
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The Blues Driver is a great OD and check out their loopers.
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You should get a Digitech Grunge for distortion, a Washburn Lyon wah, a Danelectro FAB delay, and just use your computer as a looper.

Seriously though, budget and genres?
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