So I want to get some insight about what everyone thinks about stereotypical metalcore stage presence. I am starting to hate metalcore more and more due to its generic cookie cutter song structure and planned out stage choreography. For the sake of this post I will mainly focus on stage presence.

I am in a progressive metal band, and we try to go hard every show. Personally I go nuts and try to jump off stuff, flip my guitar, and have high energy. However, most of *the bands that are at the shows I play do the same exact thing the entire set, which is synchronized hopping, crouching on the measure of every breakdown that is double half time, and running in place.

C'mon, does anyone honestly think that if they hop the most in unison, their band will stand out that much more. Personally, I think that this is just making metalcore that much more generic. Let me know what you guys think.

Also, check out my band: soundcloud.com/welovepie

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TLDR: Someone's butthurt that people are going to metalcore shows instead of their own band's crappy shows.
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Personally I go nuts and try to jump off stuff, flip my guitar, and have high energy.
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