Ok, so i have a new guitar and yesterday I broke the b string...
I bought, carelessly, a 08-38 gauge GHS, but I think(at least the manual of the guitar says so) that the strings were 09-42, so... I'll need some adjustment? A friend of mine told me it would correct it self 'cause theres no big difference on the gauge... what do you think, guys? xD

Thanks beforehand and rock on!
Depends. What guitar are you using?

If it has a trem, often that requires adjustment. Usually one gauge lower won't need any further adjustment of the truss rod or action. Intonation is probably close enough. These are all easy things that you should know how to do yourself anyway. Spend some time in the setup sticky in EG and you should be able to do your own setups.
Its a Ibanez Gio Grg 150, it does have a trem, indeed, but its not a floyd rose... not sure about what kind of bridge it is, though....

It is exactly like that xD
Thanks, again

Edit: Oh, and if i were to change againt to 09 - 42, it wouldnt do any harm on the adjustment, am i right?
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The bridge should be ok. You might want to look up how to adjust the trem (instructions in the setup thread in EG) to get it dialed in just right, but it should be close enough without any adjustments.