So here's my problem. I love the clean sound of my Strat going directly into the HRD. However, after 4+ years I have dialed in some great tones out of the tonelab. As far as I can tell, the tonelab does not have a true bypass. Therefore, I can not get the Fender clean without going straight in. I thought I had the solution by using a "Y" cable and a Morley ABY box. So here's how it is hooked up.

Guitar -->input on ABY ---> Output A on Morley using one of the "Y" cables goes to input of HRD

Output B is connect to the input on the Tonelab. The other side of the "Y" cable goes from the Output of the tonelab back to the input on HRD.

The "Y" cable come together at the amp

The problem is this. When I switch to the "A" side which is direct to HRD, there is basically no sound. I switch to "B" which is goes through the Tonelab, it works fine. If I unplug the cable from the Morley Output "B", the "A" side works normal.

Is it too much for the amp to basically have 2 signals going into one output even though one should be technically off?

Anyway, I'm not a very technical person and if any one has any ideas, i'm all ears.

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Have you tried plugging the output of the tonelab into the fx loop retun on the hrd?

The HRD also has two inputs, so you could try guitar - ab box - a -> amp input 1 b -> tonelab -> input 2
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Thx Skywizard. I was definitely over thinking this.

Just tried the 2 input idea and it works perfectly.

Thanks Man.