Alright, I can't for the life of me figure out guitar tabs to the Talking Heads song "I Zimbra". The unique sounding song is the favorite to play of the band and comes off of the Fear of Music album and is also played with Big Buisness on their concert movie "Stop Making Sense". They've played it on Letterman and everywhere but I can't find any tabs and am trying to watch how it is played live to make any kind of tab for it.

So for all you tabers out there please assiste in completing a tab for this song, there are literally 0 tabs, covers, and how to vids on the Internet so let's figure this song out! Thank you for your help anything at all will be benifical!

P.S. Yes this is my first post
Robert Fripp's intro (and end) riff is close to this :

Not really easy to play...

Another riff (easier) that is played several times looks like this:

There's quite a lot of riffs in the song, I'll see later if I can figure out some other ones.
Those sound pretty right. The second one sounds good with a small amount of quick delay. That first one isn't to hard either, I was looking at the stop making sense video of it and it looks like he is playing it on the E string at the 7 instead of A at the 3, and A at the 7 and 5 instead of D at the 3 and 1, but same thing in standard tuning essentially. Palm muting and/or string harmoics work well on that first rif as well. Still gott'a figure out the keyboard intro on guitar, soundn't be to hard, I'll play with that. Most notably the riff in the verses.