So I just bought a M-Audio Fast Track USB to go with Guitar Rig 4 on my laptop. When I play in Guitar Rig it seems to be working except I get a really weak sound and there's lots of hissing and I'm not getting that crystal clear tone I was expecting. I thought it might be my pickups which are Burstbuckers, maybe I need some higher output ones?

Any help would be highly appreciated

I don't know what the problem is, but I can tell you that you don't need higher output pickups to fix it.
Quote by limagolf
Yeah I thought that as well, perhaps I might need some kind of preamp?

Your fast track has pre-amps. you should be able to record in reaper if you have the fast track.

Try turning the gain down. Also your laptop speakers are only really going to play the high part of the sound since those speakers are just little tweeters most likely.
the fast track is enough to give you acceptable sounding recordings so you shouldn't need anything else.

letting us hear a recording like firehawk suggested would be the best bet.

download reaper, set up the audio settings and a track, insert guitar rig as a vst on the track, and hit the record button.

If you can't figure out how to get all that going then just say something. Otherwise best of luck and hope to hear a recording so we can see what the problem is.