Anyone know of either a correct size alternative to Fender wide ranges (as found on tele deluxes) or where I can buy mounting rings to convert from those larger humbuckers to standard size. I'm messing about with my Squire and any pickguards I change to will be cut for wide ranges.

Thanks guys,
Doesn't your Squier already have the Deluxe guard cut for standard humbuckers? My friend's dad had one, it had some duncan designed buckers in it (which he definitely wouldn't have switched to on purpose), so it was the deluxe shape but cut for standard size. Hound ebay/google search... if nothing comes up you might have to make it.

You could try ringing Squier... I've never done it but Yamaha's customer service was great when I called them for spares. Plus their UK parts depot is in my town lol!