Right, as soon as my guitar gets back from the Luther, I'm planning to do a few mods to my Strat. I don't think it's been done before, or if it has, I haven't found it.

I'm ordering a hot rails bridge, super switch and push push tone pot.

My strat at the moment is standard.

I found something close to what I want -


apart from the blend knob. I'd prefer a toggle.

anyway, the switching I want is;

Push push down - standard strat wiring
1. neck pickup
2. neck + middle parallel
3. middle
4. middle + bridge outer coil parallel
5. bridge outer coil (split)

push push up - les paul maybe? wiring

1. + 2. neck and middle in series (hum cancelling)
3. neck and outer middle in series ( like tele, hum cancelling)
4. + 5. full bridge pickup only (series)

So yeah. Is this possible? and can someone help me out?