I'm a beginning guitarist and have not mastered reading music. I am attempting to play this song on my guitar. There is one guitar cover on YouTube but I'm not 100% which chords she is playing.

Here is a link to the original song:


I made a screen capture and was able to obtain this image showing the music on top of the piano:

Here is a link to the guitar cover on YouTube:


This is a link to the lyrics:


This is what I have done on the verse but it does not sound 100% right:


Feels like this

Your heart

upon your sleeve

If someone could help me just with the basic chord progression I would sincerely appreciate it.

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I WILL send $10 PayPal for the correct chords put on top of the lyrics. Just message me with your email address! Thanks!!
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Da Mortum,

The tab states to place a capo on the second fret.... So what this means is the following:

One of the chords mentioned by the tabbed you stated is this one:
A - 320033

First off, he has the chords labeled wrong.... This is a G chord and not an A chord so it should be
G - 320033

Now what it would mean is to place the capo on the second fret and play a regular G chord just like you would if there were no capo.....

WITHOUT a capo the G chord would in reality be an A chord....
The reason being that if I played a G chord as a barre chord with the capo on the second fret and then removed the capo without removing my left fretting hand I am holding as you can see an A barre chord.... hope this is what you are asking and it explains to you what chords relative to the capo means....

This is the tab I would use to play Wonderwall:
So, all the chords above for Lucky song actually SOUND half step higher?
Like this: Intro: Ab Fm Db Eb - 2x's.

So if you play it without a capo then you would play the chords you indicated.....

I think I may do the entire song and submit it.... OK
...By the way. I just tabbed the entire song and submitted it.... Should be up in a day or so...Today being Monday I would think it would be up by tomorrow Tuesday....If you need a copy sooner email me at: guitarzan7@hotmail.com