As you may or may not know, Greece is in kind of an economical pickle. In some places they've introduced a kind of service-addition to the euro currency, where a service you can provide like language lessons, computer fixing or whatnot, can be used as a currency.

I think this sounds like a pretty nifty idea, not just in Greece. What do you guys think? Would you buy/give away services? And which service could you guys provide?

I think it could be kind of a lift for people not employed and perhaps wanting to aquire goods. The problems would be quality of labour and that it would perhaps compete with professional labour putting them out of business.

That being said I think I could provide services like teaching cooking, piano and languages. I could easily translate things as well.

A few months ago, an alternative currency was introduced in the Greek port city of Volos. It was a grass-roots initiative that has since grown into a network of more than 800 members, in a community struggling to afford items in euros during a deepening financial crisis.

The handicrafts stall at Volos central market lies at the end, just past the homemade jams. After perusing what there is on offer, Hara Soldatou picks out a set of decorated candles, delighted with her purchase. "They cost me 24 TEM, which I built up by offering yoga classes," she says.

Wherever you wander through the market area, one thing you won't need in your pocket is money.

From jewellery to food, electrical parts to clothes, everything here is on sale through a local alternative currency called TEM. It works as an exchange system. If you have goods or services to offer, you gain credit, with one euro equivalent to one TEM.

You can then use your "savings" to buy whatever else is being offered through the network, leading to some rather original exchanges of goods.

So, it's like prostitution or what?
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So you are asking if it would be a better idea to go back to our previous, better, more solid way of performing economics instead of this speculative rubbish ?

But ofcourse ! (no sarcasm)
so this is like doing someone a favour and then them returning it? because i already live by that.
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well wouuldn't it just be the same? you provide a service or goods for money, you use that money to buy goods and services. So basically you're just cutting out the middle man?
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Using it as a supplement to other forms of exchange would be pretty cool.