Poll: do you enjoy the occasional drunk drive?
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f*ckin A bro, its fun as hell! :cheers:
1 14%
that's really stupid, I would never do that. you could kill somebody man, or yourself :no:
1 14%
you think your funny OP? you think you're f*cking FUNNY?! i'll show you funny motherf*cker!:vhan:
2 29%
I had to drive drunk once or twice, it wasn't cool or fun I just had to get home :shrug:
0 0%
*in bale voice* swear to me you won't do this anymore OP...SWEAR TO ME!! :batman:
0 0%
I know what you mean OP, on an open road it feels like a videogame..surreal shit :headbang:
0 0%
I hope you crash and your skull pops and explodes on impact with the windshield. fun huh?:rolleyes:
3 43%
I don't give no f*cks and have sort of a death wish so I would try this :bonk:
0 0%
*sigh* my faith in humanity gets lower by the day..oh woe is me! woe is me! :facepalm:
0 0%
Voters: 7.
I like to take those midnight strolls, or rather 3am drunk drives when not a lot of people are on the road, and...they're so goddamn fun! why does drinking and driving have to be so fun? it feels like i'm in a f*cking videogame, like grand theft auto, swerving around and shit. I think it'd be a buzzkill though to drive drunk mid-afternoon, when the streets are clogged with cars and pedestrians because then you have to worry about killing somebody..but on an open road where you can go really fast, its f*cking optimal

my favorite song to drive drunk to is black flag's wasted. what's yours?

See how nice your thread looks without the poll?

And yeah, this is a new low for the killjoy. *r
ggg1 ggg3

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my favorite song to drive drunk to is black flag's wasted.

No. You don't get to listen to Black Flag.
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