...but I've read a few reviews of general tuning pedals and there were quite a few complaints about them not being great for bass due to the lack of sensitivity to lower frequencies. Is there anything in this, and if so, what tuning pedals are good for bass? Hoping for something cheaper than Boss, but if that happens to be the only particularly good one then so be it.
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Never had an issue tuning either of my basses (mustang, precision) with my korg pitch black plus. I was gigging in C# for a while and it never let me down, even when I was forced to use the mustang in C#. Great pedal!
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I bought a GFS pedal and don't need anything else, was $39.99 and has a bright color screen about half the size of a iphone screen and has the foot print of a lpb-1 style pedal. It has a mute and non mute out.
I actually use the TU-3 but a friend of mine uses the Korg Pitch Black all the time and, from what I've seen, it has never been short of perfect.

Edit: He uses it on bass, btw.
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I've had a Korg Pitch black, a Fender pedal and the Ibanez chromatic pedal. Never had any problems with any of them getting that low A and E dead on.
I use a TC electronic polytune. It tracks very quickly and hasn't got any problem woth my low B at all.

The polytune function also works with my 4 and 6 string basses, but I don't use it that often.
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Korg Pitchblack. It has never failed me and is probably the best pedal tuner I've ever used on a dark stage
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My Korg DTR-2000 is spot on with my low B.
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Thanks guys

I'll try the Korg and the Boss out, I'll probably end up going for the Korg. What's the power supply like? Does it take the same thing as Boss pedals? It'd be good if I could put it in my pedalboard and power it through that, that's all.
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GFS is the cheapest, uses a boss style and has a return policy I think if your worried :p
Korg Pitchblack is reliable even down to low F#. Most bassists never go nearly that low.
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My Korg DTR-2000 is spot on with my low B.
since when was a DTR 2000 a pedal?
I use a snark clip on tuner because I refuse to use up a pedal space that could be dedicated to more craziness. I really like the little guy--tracks well and it only cost $12.

The GFS does get a ton of praise on the super-cheap end of the scale.