So I saw an ltd ec1000 on craigslist for $500. I want to know what is wrong with these guitars. What would stop you personally from buy it?
How big of an issue is it if it was made in korea?
I'ts the highest quality (it seems anyway) you could go for on an LTD ec model.
What kind of issues would I run into with this guitar? Will it crap out on me in 3 years?
Is it not worth the money being paid for it?

Whats wrong with this guitar?!
they're fine. the only reason I didn't buy one was because I could afford the ESP Eclipse 2.

there really aren't any significant issues with them. ESP/LTD has very good quality control, and the Deluxe LTD's are among their best. they are well made, well designed and just plain solid. its a good price, and the guitar will last
The only thing wrong with it is that the Les Paul Studio Mahogany is basically the same price. Depending on your personal preference, one or the other might be slightly more desirable.

Excellent guitars, though. It would be tough to find something as good in that style for 500. They sell cheap on Craigslist used because stores often have price drops on them down to 7-800, so the used prices get depressed. Probably something to do with competing with the Gibsons in that price range that are a little more expensive but have greater brand recognition.
Nothing wrong with it. I have an LTD H-1001 which is another LTD Deluxe model and it's astounding. LTDs are great guitars for people that can't afford an ESP standard.
Im selling my pristine Eclipse 2 on Craigslist for $950.


Send me a PM if youre interested!

You will get:

Eclipse 2 loaded with SD JB/59 pickups
Original EMG 81/60 pickups to reinstall or sell
Neoprene demon strap that matches guitar perfectly
Offical ESP Eclipse guitar case
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LTDs are very great guitars, even the very low-end ones, considering price/performance.
As enticing as that is, I don't have the money for that. I was inquiring about the EC-1000 because I was looking to save up for something but wasn't quite sure what I wanted.