About Gibby Firebirds. How do the necks feel, what are the pros and cons, how heavy are they, are they REALLY as fragile as people make them out to be?

I've been hard pressed my entire guitar playing life to actually see a Firebird in person, much less have the chance to play one. I want to know everything about them before I decide to make one my next big purchase.

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They are pretty awesome, the necks are super comfortable, they are on the heavy side but you have to expect that from something that is as big as a firebird. And yes the necks are fragile, I had a guy bring me a 79 reissue firebird to work on and the neck snapped while he had it in its hard case in the back seat of his pickup. He took the main road on his way to my house so I assume he hit a rather nasty pot hole and it was just enough to snap the neck, didnt break the fretboard though so i was still able to tune it up lol.
All the things you asked - neck feel, weight and durability - are going to be unique to each guitar you try and you can't gloss over a whole body style like that. You could get two Firebirds of the same model mad right next to each other on the same day and they will feel different in your hands, they will sound different and they will not weigh the same. This goes for all guitar shapes, not just Firebirds.

The only thing that is consistent about Firebirds is they have the worst neck dive of any guitar shape, which can only really be fixed comfortably by moving the strap buttons to the back of the guitar.
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