Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a guitar that sounds particularly more "happier" and "brighter" than other guitars but works well and sounds kind of garage rockish with distortion. I am asking because I know that certain types of electric guitars such as the SG are used mainly for metal. Thanks in advance!
you can get a good garage rock sound out of almost any p90, and they are single coils so they are brighter than humbuckers but will handle distortion a little better than most of your 'normal' single coils
Well I have a Fender Jaguar with splittable humbuckers and its amazing for garage rock and stuff like that! I recommend something with an alder body and maple neck like a fender strat or jaguar. Another good thing would be to see what guitar some of your favorite guitarists use. If you're in the garage rock genre, chances are they'll be somewhat similar.
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