Awesome song! Catchy, too. I really liked it.
Tight vocals and drums, especially in the chorus.
There isn't much to criticize, except that I didn't like what was going on ~0:47. It sounded so cluttered and it annoyed me. I wouldn't call this Metal nor Hardrock.
I listened to some of your other songs, and I like them. Followed on SoundCloud.
Hey, gonna crit as I write. Guitar lines are really well thought out by the sounds of things, I like the way the chords and then riff patterns interchange. Vocals, a little off in the first sentence but pretty solid. At the 44sec part with the addition of other vocals you need to get your harmonies right as they are a little off. Lyrics seem pretty tight too. Love the feel to the whole song, its sort of buried in punk and metal but pop also. Seems well written and thought out, just need to sort out those vocal parts.

7/10 Nice work

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