Hey everyone...For as long as ive played guitar ive always played with my fingers. But I always wanted to grow out my nails like alot of great players but the string against my nail makes me feel sick I dunno why...So I bought plastic finger picks pretty much in the shape of finger nails...Well I just tried to use them and wow I suck at guitar again. The have a slight curve to them like real finger nails do and they get caught on the strings and nothing sounds smooth I cant even play the easiest of stuff...Any idea on how to practice or get used to these? :/
Well now I feel dumb...Just tried it and it worked better...But they just kinda slide off the strings...I mean they look exactly like the ones in the picture but they hurt my fingers...Does anyone know where to buy good ones? Or even how to get the proper sound/technique outta them?
You could also consider trying these, though I never have: http://www.alaskapik.com/

Though in my honest opinion, I'm not sure how that could be very comfortable either. xD
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blasian it takes patience and a lot of practice to get used to. It feels like playing with boxing gloves the first time.
There are a wide variety of finger picks available; metal, plastic... Cheap enough to experiment. There are even items that cover most of the end of your finger so you can do "strumming" motions without getting caught in the strings.
They do need to be fitted properly; tight enough to stay on but not so tight as to irritate your fingers or make 'em go numb...

Also, they need to be aligned so that the pick strikes the string squarely when your hand is in it's normal picking position. Sometimes they have to be bent a bit.

Metal picks are easy to bend and fit, plastic ones can be heated in hot water and then bent.

As we've said many times before, it's not necessary to grow your nails long to produce a good tone. Quite the opposite. The same nail-care and length works well for both classical and steel-string guitars; just long enough so that a combination of nail and flesh "breaks" across the string.

I keep mine this way, and play nothing but steel-string acoustics.
Okay...I guess ill just keep practicing with them. Ill have to heat them up cause they are way too tight. So hot water will do? Its just so weird not feeling the string...I dont like my fingernail scraping or hitting the string...It makes me feel queezy for some reason so ill have to get used to it. But its just like I cant judge my picking and like the one poster said it feels like im playing with boxing gloves. :/
When I started playing back in the 70s, folkie music on a steel string, that's what you did. Nearly everyone used 'em. Reason being not so much for nail wear but because of one-mic clubs. You needed the volume...
Take heart, it's just a matter of practice. Thousands of players use them religously. You can' hardly find a banjo player, lap steel or steel guitar player, or resonator guitar player who doesn't use them.