I've played the Chieftain and like it but I've really been aching for a Morgan now that I have the money for either I can't decide. Any opinions?
Try it and make up your mind xD. Matchless amps are the shit man!

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Both are excellent. The Morgan is the Flavor of the Month and prices are inflated because of that. Matchless is the OG boutique amp and prices are inflated for them, too.

I think the solution here is to get a Bad Cat Wildcat instead.

To be fair, they're all great amps, and if you can't play them right next to each other or even play the Morgan at all, you're going to have to take a leap based on some small detail or one youtube clip that particularly catches your ear. It seems petty, but at at this level of quality eventually the decision becomes maddeningly trivial and you have to make a decision somehow.
^what he said.

Although this is not TGP. please refrain from talking about nice gear here for fear of jobless children getting butt hurt.

That being said, although it is not the same amp, i do own a matchless spitfire and while it sounds amazing as it should, you really get your money's worth with the matchless build quality.

plus if you don't get shower curtain tolex you are doing it wrong.

That is, objectively, the best amp covering there is. I thought it looked completely absurd until I saw it in person. Then I knew it looked completely absurd, except in an awesome way.
Vypyr pwns them both! PSSHHH...

Just you wait... soon as my mom get's her income tax refund. It's gonna be ON. Built in flange, delay, and squealies in YO FACE!!!
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Matchless. Always.

Although I would seriously look into Colin's advice as well. Badcats are the tits.

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Badcats are basically Matchless except $1000 less and you can't get shower curtain tolex. It's a tragic choice to have to make.
Ceriatone makes a couple of Matchless clones that are supposed to be excellent, and even cheaper than the BadCats. You can get a fully assembled Spitfire clone for $650.
Tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy.
Right, but the difference there is that Bad Cat uses the same transformers and almost all the same parts and overbuilt construction techniques. The Ceriatone stuff is well done and certainly a lot cheaper, but it's definitely not the same amp the way a Bad Cat is to a Matchless.

Beyond very minor details the Matchless and Bad Cat are the same amp. The same guy started both companies and they basically make the exact same product as far as the original Matchless designs are concerned.
see that colin only 1 switch and 3 knobs.

why you gotta make everything so complicated.
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^ lols
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