FS: Epiphone G400 '66 Reissue U.S. $275
I got this for my first "real" guitar, and while it is fun to play, it's not quite the sound I want. This thing is a beast! It rocks. I like to play blues. While it's fine, it misses that twang and want something brighter.
Full Disclosure: This is a manufacturer refurb, but I can't tell to be honest. This thing looks new to me. No knows issues! Sounds great to me for hard rock/metal and dark tones. This guitar is stamped USED on back to avoid the warranty fraud thing (you know how it is).

photo-1 by Killsocket, on Flickr

photo-1 by Killsocket, on Flickr

photo-3 by Killsocket, on Flickr

photo-2 by Killsocket, on Flickr

Looking to trade for Epiphone Dot or Epiphone Les Paul primarily. Might consider others. Willing to throw in cash or take cash to even deal.
Otherwise, I am looking to get $275.