Now that we are getting the taxes taken care of and getting money is slowly happening due to all of the mess ups. That aside my wife has decided its time for her to get an electric guitar with the next batch of money that comes in. She had to sell hers long before we met over some issue.

Please don't worry I'm not trying to say pick my wife's guitar this is something I'm considering:

She is a die hard Fender fan, and is considering either a MIM strat or something a little better depending on what comes in first (MIA standard funds depending). Would it be worth me trying to talk her into the LTD (or if we're spending the money ESP) mock ups of a strat. Would we be getting a better instruiment for the same price, or there won't be much difference in dealing with a fender mim or a $500 or so LTD? I want her to try mine so she can see how nice even the 50's are.

For some odd reason she doesn't want to sit with an EX. I'm just wondering if this is worth getting her to try it out.
Get a carvin bolt. Top notch quality, made in USA, and custom built to order, with a return period if you don't like it. Not that many don't

Plus they're cheaper than MIA strats and much better IMO
We're most likely talking MIM more then anything. Anything made in the US is only promised if we get a combination of two sets of taxes and a reimbursement from a lawyer at the same time.
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We're most likely talking MIM more then anything. Anything made in the US is only promised if we get a combination of two sets of taxes and a reimbursement from a lawyer at the same time.

I've got a Fender "Factory Special Run" *FSR* Stratocaster from Guitar Center for the same price of a regular MIM Strat.

It has a "vintage style" maple neck and a "vintage" synchronized tremolo.


I think it might be a better deal than the MIM Standard, so if it fits your deal you should check it out.

If your girl likes Strats, then you should probably focus on Fenders. I've found that ESP/LTD tend to make better humbucker "Les Paul" styled guitars rather than Single Coil Strats.
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Part of the reason I'm asking is she's looking at an H-S-S strat and I respect her love of fender, I personally like them myself. I want a higher end tele, but I can't get said tele for a very long time (as the one I like to my preferences is very expensive yes I'm picky).

I was just wondering to see if we would get any sort of better value from an LTD or if it was worth looking into. Its also that I'm trying to get her to branch out and try new thigns rather then just sticking with her (although very very good) standards. I even got my step daughter to pick up my EX

if you want the best tele for the money i would recommend G&L. they were started after Leo Fender was done with Fender, and you get more for your $$$.
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I agree that the Carvins are probably your best bang for the buck "Strats" & "Teles", but the ones they have in stock as I post this are running $700-1,100. That may be outside of their budget unless they buy one as a kit.

I also agree that the G&Ls are excellent versions of those iconic guitars, but as I recall, start around $600 or so, which may still be a bit dear.

(BTW, cute kid, TS!)
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The LTD Strat copies are not as good as the MIM Fenders. They're on-par with Squiers, though they do have the benefit of having a contoured heel.

If she wants a Fender Strat then she should get a Fender Strat. Worried the standard MIM may be a bit lacking but not sure if you can splash out on an MIA? Take a look at some of the MIJ reissue models, or the MIM Deluxe and Classic Player models that have some higher-quality features.

Telling a Fender fan to buy a Strat that isn't a Fender is silly. There are other brands that make arguably better guitars from a purely objective point of view, but nobody makes a Fender Stratocaster as well as Fender do, because no other company is Fender. It's like all the kids that buy Epiphones and Agiles, swearing blind they're just as good as a Gibson. In the end those kids will still save up and get a Gibson because it's what they really wanted all along. Gibson, Fender and PRS are the three golden brands and once someone has their heart set on one nothing else will do. No point delaying the inevitable, get a Fender.
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