I've really like the Double-Cut Les Paul Shape for a while now, but I cant seem to find any big makers that make a guitar in this shape. SG's don't count. Or maybe I'm just blind. I just want to look into every DC LP that I can. Brand doesn't matter, budget is ~$800. I'm kind of just window shopping right now.

Example: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-les-paul-double-cutaway-electric-guitar

But you know, not for $2000...

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Esp has an ltd version that is a kirk hammett signature around ur budget.
Its not out yet but it might be worth the wait
I know that GFS/Xaviere offers a true Double Cutaway LP (Link: http://www.guitarfetish.com/XV-580-Chambered-Double-Cutaway_c_153.html )

but it's well below your price range and probably not up to snuff, if you know what I mean, but it's a thought.
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you can find them (Gibson LP DC) easily on CL/Ebay for a pretty good price. i have definitely seen some go in your price range that you have saved up now.
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Yeah second hand Gibson LP DCs are dirt cheap. They're one of the few Gibsons that really don't hold their value well, even though they're also one of the most reliable and consistent.

That said, Epiphone do (or at least did) a DC model a few years back. Dunno if it's still around. For something a bit better, take a look at Edwards; they're owned and operated by ESP, they're half MIC and half MIJ and they make some LP DC style guitars. Tokai do as well, though they're closer to Epiphone in quality.
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Ibanez Art Series are a bit sharper in the horns and the bridge is a bit different but it's the same basic idea.
DBZ Imperial is kind of LP DC- ish, but thinner
and in a slightly different shape than an LP...
I'd get a used one. I've got one and it's a beautiful guitar...although I did snap the headstock off a couple of years ago and had to have a luthier fix it. Still beautiful though.
Like the other folks said, you could pick up a used DC les paul, but if you want to buy new, you might like a PRS SE santana.

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DBZ Imperial is kind of LP DC- ish, but thinner
and in a slightly different shape than an LP...

DBZ also makes a smaller-bodied version of the Imperial called the Royale. As I recall, the mid-level versions of both are under $900.


And I'm pretty sure most of the major solidbody manufacturers will have some kind of guitar that generally meets that description- Ibanez, Schecter, you name it.
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It should be worth mentioning that there is a Faded series of the DC Les Paul. It comes with a pair of P90's instead of humbuckers, though.
Schecter makes the S1's. They are LP Double cutaway only I think they are a little thinner and some of them have flat tops.
Eastwood makes a nice looking one. available in two colors, Yellow and red. I have only seen it on line never in a store.