So I have been using Cakewalk for years (way back when Sonar 4 came out)
Well anyway I had Sonar 8.5 and had no problems, but once I got to Sonar x1 I have had TONS of snap to grid problems

Sometimes it will work for a few weeks perfectly, then randomly it will be unusable.
(it seems to be the just awful in the staff view) I have tried every suggestion and read tons of forums about this, but nothing seems to work.

I have turned magnetic strength off, I even tried it at high, I have tried different types of Nudges, I have tried everything. The midi I write in staff view (which is what I prefer) sound super choppy because even though I might just be writing straight 8th notes it will put pauses in between them, (they will be misaligned just enough to make it sound bad and choppy)
anyway ANY help would be appreciated, it is driving me crazy.
oh and I have ALL the sonar x1 updates.