gonna' buy a pedal for the first time in like
4 years

I just want a good sounding basic delay mostly to be used on a standard screamy high gain lead tone.
I'll only be using this when I'm not tracking so it doesn't have to be perfect.
I would like it to be durable and hold up for like 97.3 years.

I'd prefer to not spend more than a few dimes.
Okay more than a few. But I don't want to really go past - ohhh I dunno'. 75 dollars?

There are a few used DD3s on Ebay for around 40ish that I figure I can bid on.
There's also some DD5s and 6s for around 70 dollars to buy instantly.

What do you recommend? Should I go with one of the Boss DDs or are there some other things you suggest?

Any input is appreciated :]
DD-3 is good, Ibanez DE-7 is good. DD-5 is alright but the DD-6 and 7 are a nice step up. Not really much else that's any good in that price range. Don't really need anymore than a DD-3 though. Great cheap delay.
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The Joyo Digital Delay might work for you too, as they seem to have a decent rep. I've never used one personally, though, so take it with a grain of salt...
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