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I have a PS Vita/Nintendo 3DS
3 9%
I want a Ps Vita/Nintendo 3DS
3 9%
I don't want them
8 24%
Home consoles are the only ones for me
7 21%
PC/Mac are my only gaming consoles
5 15%
I don't game
7 21%
Voters: 33.
Well the latest systems (as most people know) are the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita. They're obviously far more advanced than the Gameboy (which I'm sure we all cherish and love ((or else ))) but do they still convey the same amount of excitement/interest as the Gameboy...

to you?
I have a 3DS and I like it. It doesn't have the amazing repertoire of games like the DS, but that will change with time, imo.
They're both cool but weird, like all new technology is at first, and as a result people are still figuring it out. Personally though, I like the 3DS better.

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I wish l couId get both of them for free!
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I haven't upgraded to 3ds or vita yet...I need more RPGs. I'm playing devil survivor 2 on the ds now
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Pokemon Red on Gameboy Color 4 lyfe.
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No, I was 8 when the Gameboy Color was out and I don't play handheld video games anymore.
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I can run up to n64 games on my phone so it's pretty damn great.
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Well now I want a PSP Vita ever since I found out that Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 are going to be ported to be playable on it.
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They're both cool but weird, like all new technology is at first, and as a result people are still figuring it out. (Invalid img)
I had a ds lite for a while, that was pretty cool, but I sold it to fund my amp. I would probobly just skip the new consoles and get an Ipad to be honest... I have heard really bad things about the Vita, 3DS is cool though.

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Pokemon Red on Gameboy Color 4 lyfe.

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I have a DS, but I don't really play it so I wouldn't be interested in getting the new 3DS. I'm really averted to 3D anyhow. Gameboys were awesome and simple. I liked that they weren't as good as the big consoles, because it was just a fun way to spend your time. The ultimate handheld games are RPG's such as Pokemon and Zelda, they don't need super graphics, they're just a lot of fun to play.
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