First song I am posting on here. I think its pretty decent all around except for the bridge. You'll understand what I mean when you get there lol. Any crit would be much appreciated!

(Verse 1) Lift your head up off of that pillow
and move a little closer to me.
That morning light shines so nicely,
its a shame that part of you is hidden
between the sheets

(Chorus) We dont need no candles
We dont need no chablis
We dont need Otis Redding
To make our sweet lovin' harmony

(Verse 2) I love the way you laugh at me
When I act smooth and talk dirty
you just move a little closer and say
"Baby those words dont work with me"

(Bridge) And when I act cool
You make me burn up
Like a redhead that
Hangs out in the sun
Im not really sure what your going for. But the dialect sort of gives it the context of a country song.
Ticks by Brad Paisely comes to mind.
and yea, that bridge was terrible. But I'm not sure what direction you were going with that either.
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