Im curious, do rickenbacker make a good Bass?
If anything, the one I was looking at looks nice.
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after hearing the hype and seeing them, when i played one i was disappointed. not saying that they are bad, but it didn't live up to expectations. i do however know people who say they can never play another bass afterwards.
A Rickenbacker is a Rickenbacker. You either love it or hate it.

They are amazing if you like the sound and feel. Not much more to it.
Do a bit of searching.There's is PLENTY of info out there on them.They're one of those basses that you either love or hate.Definitely try one out before you even think about buying one.For what you get,they are pretty expensive,but nothing is else comes close to one.
This is coming from the proud new owner of a '79 4001 mind you,so my opinion may be wee bit biased

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Very nice
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You love 'em or hate 'em. A Rick is a Rick and not much else out there sounds or feels quite like a Rick. If you love them then they're a holy grail, if you don't then they're just another brand that happens to have a particularly nasty legal department.

Searchbar and you should find some very lengthy and in depth answers on this topic, I think there was a thread just a couple weeks ago covering this in fact.
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If you love them then they're a holy grail.

I've heard horror stories about this, people listen to Geddy Lee and Chris Squier, etc, and think "I WANT THIS TONE" then go and try (or worse, buy) a rick and are just like: D:< This is horrible!

They have big chunky necks with thick gloss and an awkward shaped body, if you can cope with that and you want that specific tone then there's absolutely no substitute.

It should be noted that their high price is due to a (as Tostitos said) vicious legal team squashing any companies that make anything remotely similar rather than their materials and quality. If they hadn't patented their design then they'd closer to the price of MIA Fenders (Fender only patented the headstock design.) So just don't buy one from Rickenbacker or new from a shop, second hand only!
^In all fairness people who listen to Chris Squire and expect to get that specific tone by just buying a Rick are stupid.
I had the owner of Hartke amps go against the words of these dudes at a Guitar Center in New York City and had him pull one out of a display case for me to play.

Felt like a toy. Didn't like the sound. Put it back after 10 minutes.
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I wouldn't buy one or accept one for free simply because of john halls stupidity and attempted bullying. He's a wanker and therefore so are his products to me.
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Geddy always had a better tone while playing jazz basses anyway. Ricks to me always have a tendency to sound like a really thin/weak jazz bass. They're overpriced for what they actually are and they're pretty uncomfortable to play... but of course, some people like that and they'll struggle to find anything else that works for them... certainly not for me though.
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I wouldn't buy one or accept one for free simply because of john halls stupidity and attempted bullying. He's a wanker and therefore so are his products to me.

The best bass I ever owned was my Anniversary 4003 copy just because it was a big **** you to John Hall
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Felt like a toy.

Maybe because I have a 30" bass and a 22.5 scale guitar, the whole toy term never sat well with me, but being 6 foot I could see my duo sonic looking funny on me.

Weirdly there is a pawn shop down the street with one that's in "meh" condition, not broken or dented, just missing parts for $1300, and they keep it out front next to the door, then keep the squiers behind a counter.

They have the cheapest looking pickguards, and use a thin finish that's high gloss, and so is their fretboards. The ones I've always seen were black, and smudged, chipped up and and pickguards cracked and stained, and the chrome hardware gone I assume for ease of play.

The only person I've seen play a Rick live (when I knew what a rick was) Played an SVT 8x10 stack, and I instantly was like wow, that is the holy grail tone summed up. He then commenced to take like 15 minutes to EQ/sound check while the rest of his band walked off to find drinks. His tone was hardly impressive and didn't really come through with the band, just a dirty growl.

This kind of made me realize even nice things can sound bad.

Edit: Who is John Hall?
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Edit: Who is John Hall?

I'm guessing a Footballer.
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He's a caricature of modern capitalism; rather than making Rickenbacker better in order to increase sales, he tries to destroy the competition instead. This opposed to Leo Fender, who made more money by making better guitars. Capitalism, doing it right.