I'm looking to build myself a Les Paul Custom. The problem is finding a neck and body, especially good ones. I'd like to find one that is as close to, if not exactly to USA Gibson specs. I'm looking for the custom version, so block inlays, fully bound neck, body on both sides, and headstock. And I would like the headstock to be Gibson shaped as well. Flame top would be ideal, and I don't need any of the hardware, I would be replacing with better parts anyways.

That seems like a lot to ask, but I have seen exactly what I'm looking for once before. A place called Rmolsonguitars.com sold that exact body and neck, without the hardware for a smoking deal. After a few months, I decided to buy it, but it looks like they don't sell them anymore. I tried contacting them and got no response, so I need to find that kit elsewhere. Has anyone seen one?

If you haven't, my second option is a Flying V. So what's the nicest Flying V kit you can buy? I've looked on numerous sights for both of these kits, and haven't come up with anything promising.
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