Well, not exactly starting, I already play with a friend's bass. But I have no bass of my own. So I am gonna get one. I am pretty new to playing bass, so I was wondering whether I should get a 5 string or a 4 string.
I want to play stuff like Iron Maiden, In Flames, Necrophagist ( ) etc..

I had this bass in mind.

What do you think? Feel free to suggest other stuff.
My Budget is $1000 - $1200

4 or 5 strings is purely a matter of preference. I like 5 strings, I know one other person who likes 5 strings, the 3 or 4 other basses I talk to regularly prefer 4 strings. A girl in a concert band I played with had the 4 string version of that bass and she liked it, It sounded pretty good to me too.
Get a 5 string. I have an ESP LTD AX-404 right now, and it's amazing in terms of sound and quality (and looks unique enough too!), but it is heavy. VERY heavy. Also, not having the low B is kinda annoying.

If I was to buy another bass, it would be the one you're looking at. However, you should also look at some classified ads, because you can get a much better deal there.
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Iron maiden, P bass, flats and great techniques.

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If 1000 - 1200 is your budget you could get something great. If I was in your position I'd look used or get a Brubaker Brute. Those things are in my opinion just about the best thing under 1000 dollars. That way you'd have a little cash left over to buy a real nice combo amp.
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Mexican P bass > sansamp VT > maybe a orange bass terror 500 and 1x15 If you could search used, add a silent fan and you'd have a beast of a rig in small size that could handle any venue or genre.
Start as you mean to go on, I played fours for 37 years and then bought a MM Stingray 5, I never gigged my lovely 65 fender Jazz from that moment.
Fives offer much more scope.
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My first bass was a four. Sold it for a fiver, and now I find the limited range of fours annoying. Better to have that range available in case you need it, even if you don't end up using it that often.

Then I got a sixer.