Is there an etiquette or technique I should keep in mind?

My band has been treating me like shit and im going to kill a guitar at my last show in a couple weeks.
Ignoring the fact that it's a total waste - i wouldn't mind a new guitar m'self - and you'd probably look pretty silly, make a significant few facepalm, and that your reasons are those of, well...a little bitch (is it so hard to say "you've been treating me like shit - i'm out"?)...ignoring those things, I'm pretty sure you just go crazy and smash it.
If you're going to smash a guitar up on stage, you need to make sure you've played amazing and the audience are really hyped up or you will look like an idiot... but I find the best way to do it is;

grab it by the neck and swing it at the floor
Step 1. Buy a Hello Kitty acoustic from Wal-mart.
Step 2. Smash that instead so you don't waste a perfectly good guitar just so you can have your little bitch-fit.

Alternative Step 2: Kill yourself.
I did it 2 weeks ago. It was a shitty guitar so I didn't care about its value. I did hurt myself a little but totally worth it. It was freaking awesome! I highly recommend it to you. If the guitar doesn't break, try to smash it with with the pickup side down. If you want to make it even better bring some methylated spirit and burn the broken guitar afterwars Everyone who saw my performance really liked it. So just go ahead!
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