Okay so, this is probably a really stupid question, but screw it, I'm asking anyway.
I have a gig in a few weeks, my first gig in quite a while, and my friend and I were asked to learn a song. Anyway, long story short, the song is all electric and doesn't sound as nice on the acoustic as I'd like it to so I've decided to re-write it.
Originally, the song had the chords D#, A#, G, and G#, so knowing I could make it sound a lot better by tuning half a step down, I did so making it E, B, G# and A. I decided also to play open strings so it was:


Now, my problem is, I can't find a decent, nice sounding way to play the G#. I'd like to stick to playing the open strings to make it flow, but also not go to the 11th fret as it sounds pretty horrible up there. Any ideas?
Oh, and for those interested, the song was Ultraviolet by The Stiff Dylans. It's a joke song just for a few of my friends.

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