I'm a guitarist/vocalist tired of playing music alone in my basement. I'm 19 and my influences include:
Alkaline Trio
Reel Big Fish
Brand New
Four Year Strong
The Menzingers
The Lawrence Arms

I sing in a tenor-alto range, and play a Fender Jaguar through a Crate V50 Combo amp.

I'm seeking musicians to fill out a 3 or 4 person band, near the Quad Cities. Just mostly to play WITH people. I have no qualms with someone who has different musical tastes than I. Except All Time Low. **** All Time Low.

I've been [attempting] to write on my own, but I crave an electric sound for the music. I'd like to "recruit" people who are able to sing, along with play an instrument. I'm looking to get a bassist and drummer; possibly another guitarist if the fit is right, otherwise, I'll just play guitar alone.

I prefer to sing backups and harmonies, and don't crave attention. Message me or post here for a link to my SoundCloud.

Also, I don't judge based on age, but I'd prefer to find people around my own age, as it usually affords a somewhat standard schedule.
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