You got a good technique, and about the tone, can't really judge it because the backing track is too loud and (i think) there's another lead guitar there, if you want to really test the sound, try playing something without a backing track using distorted a setting, crunchy, clean, etc. or mix it in a way that your playing really stands out
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great cover dude. the slow bending doesnt really work for martys style of solos, and his solos are made in a way that you need very strong vibrato to make the solo sing. other than that it was really good solo.

also, about your setup. Id recommend that you put a little more time in syncing your audio with your video. the video is obviously lagging behind the audio by some milliseconds. a better camera angle and lighted area would also be great.
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Thanks so much people, i guess il read more into making my lead tone stand out in the mix and the syncing as well