Hey UG,

So right now I have a Mexican Strat playing through an Orange Crush 30R with a boss-md2 pedal. I also have a Morley wah and a chorus pedal, although I don't use those too often. I seem to always be disappointed with the way this amp sounds, and I'm not sure if it's the amp, or the guitar. I play more soft to hard rock more so than metal. Although I like to occasionally have a lot of distortion, and my Crush doesn't seem to put out that well. So, I'm looking for new amps, around the $500 price range. I'm a bedroom player attending uni, so I don't need anything extreme just yet.

I'm down to the Vox ac15c1, all tube, although a bit expensive. Not sure if this would take the md2 well and provide the distortion I want.

The Vox AD30VT I've heard is good, and I probably wouldn't have to use my pedals either since it has a ton of effects. I'm also looking at the xl version which provides more distortion, but I've heard it's not as good overall.

The Vypyr Tube 60 is the most recent one I've been looking at. Again, a ton of features and sounds good, but I don't want to buy the pedal that goes with it, which looks expensive. I also don't know if I want to put the time into all the features it has.

The Valveking 112 is an option, although I heard that changing the speakers is essential, and I'd rather get an out of the box amp that sounds great.

So basically, for my playing style, which isn't geared toward metal or gigging, which of these works best? I'm wondering if I should even upgrade at all, and look to upgrade my guitar first. If I do get an amp, I would like it to be one that can satisfy me for years to come. Any help would be much appreciated.
I have the AC15C1 and it takes pedals very well. It honestly sounds pretty good when cranked on the top boost channel. I mean if I could do it over again I might have bought a 6505 instead just because I think it is more versitile. You won't be dissapointed wth the ac15 or the valveking. I would stay away from the other two.
Honestly, out of the options given, I'd take the vox ac15 in your situation.
And that is saying something, considering I'm a valveking enthusiast.
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Changing the speakers isn't necessarily a must. Having owned and played on so many peaveys, I don't feel the speakers are as bad as people say. There are some that I've never felt even needed the speakers changed.

But of course, it can help and even heavily change your sound.

I get what you mean about wanting it already to go. But speaker changing isn't too bad.
A 112 + another speaker would only cost you around 300-350ish if you decide to go with used.

The Valveking seems to be versatile from what I've heard.

Only giving my thoughts on the VK because I don't really know much about the others.