Hey everyone of the UG forums, so we're having an instrument auction this November in Asbury Park, NJ (you don't have to live anywhere near here to participate, we can take an absentee bid on your behalf).

We're looking for a few good instruments to sell for you, and would like to let you know about some things that we already have even though the auction is a few months off, it can't hurt to let you guys know about this stuff, it is to go with no reserve, sold to the highest bidder!

Some lots we already have include-
-Gretsch 5120 Electromatic, brilliant orange
-Jon Bon Jovi Signed Stratocaster
-Manuel Rodriguez e Hijos Classical Acoustic
-Various amps, accessories and FX pedals.

When it comes time for the auction, we usually have 150-200 lots, mostly guitars and related things, but we'll sell any instrument for you! For more information, check out our web site at www.frankandfrankinstruments.com or give me, Alex Frank, a buzz at 732.682.4550 ... I'll do my best to help you figure out what you have and about what we can sell it for.

Thanks everyone!
i will only buy up to one dollar
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Quote by rocker222
i will only buy up to one dollar

Can't hurt to be in the audience... you never know
we just got some more stuff in for auction this November, its all to go no reserve sold to the highest bidder fyi AND we can take absentee bids

=Peavey Supreme Transtube 100W Tube Head and 4 x 12 Peavey Cabinent.
=Giannini LaViola classical guitar.
=Fernandes electric (great for beginners! a bit beat up but sounds decent)

If you want to get some more info about any of this stuff shoot me an e-message at alex@frankandfrankinstruments.com ... thanks !