Hey UG, so I've had this Taylor GS mini for about nine months now and it's been my go to guitar for just about everything. Last night I was playing on it and I felt something weird in the top. There is a crack on the soundboard right where the two pieces that make the top are joined. This crack goes from almost the bottom of the guitar until the bridge. I can't find any other damage. The joint on the bottom where the sides meet is a little rough but I'm 99% sure it always has been. I don't have a camera and my phone charger is missing so I will try and take pictures to show you in a day or two.

Now here is the other problem... I'm in Nevada for school right now and I get out in about a month. I'm a music major and this has been the guitar I've the entire school year. I even tricked some guys to believing I was using an archtop!(Gs mini +Roland Jazz Chorus(80's)!). I don't have a luthier here as I'm from another state and am not coming back here next semester. Should I detune the guitar and let it sit for a month till I'm home and use my back up guitar for uni, or can I play on it as is? Is there a chance for more damage even if I detune it? Is this nothing to worry about?

Also yes I know I"m in a REALLY dry climate, but I do have a humidifier in my case. I guess I could have need more, but do you guys think this is the guitar drying out or something else? Please let me know what you think!
I'm mostly not exactly sure what to tell you here.

But, why should I let that stop me. "Cranks rush in where angels fear to tread"! (Or something like that).

First, I'm starting to wonder about Taylor's QC. Another member had a 12 string, "disassemble" spontaneously.

That said, you don't get a do over on humidification.

Detuning the guitar will indeed relieve the stress, possibly limiting the spread of the crack. But the damage would still be there, and you do have to tune it back up to play it..

I suppose there are 2 ways to proceed. The first would be to elicit the help of Taylor, if the guitar is ostensibly still under warranty.

The second we should probably put off until you find out about the first.
I'm just not sure what happened. Just last night I looked and it was cracked. My guitar doesn't show any other signs of dehydration, and I do use a humidifier that I refill every few weeks... but I am in Nevada right now so it's very possible.

I do have a back up guitar that I am using until I can get this fixed. Until then I'll detune the Taylor just to be safe.

As far as Taylor's QC I'm not sure. I've never had a problem with them and everyone that I know that owns one has been very happy with no serious problems that wasn't an accident.

Yeah, I'll call Taylor on Monday and ask them a few questions as my guitar is still under warranty, but if the guitar is dehydrated or something then it wouldn't be under warranty anymore.(it's to late to do it now and their office is closed over the weekend).
disassemble? nah... it freakin' blew up ! and i know blow up! that won't happen to my soon to be new to me Hot Rod though. just a fluke.
if you open your case regularly, i wouldn't think an in-case humidifier would keep your guitar at the proper humidity. i'll bet dryness was the culprit - you might want to invest in a hygrometer (ours cost a whopping $9 each).
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