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So today I went to the musicstore because I wanted to try out some amps. I picked a guitar with the same pickups mine has so I thought if I buy the amp it would sound the same at home.

I tried the Marshall MG100HCFX! and I was REALLY impressed. Not so impressed by the effects though so I need some questions answered. This is a transistor amp right so what is the difference between that and and tube amp.
Is there any reason why people say you should always go with tube amps? What is the advantage? Because I tried the Marshall MA100H and like that one too. If I end up running an effect panel through them, will it make any difference?

It's a big decision and I'm afraid to just spend the money so please help me out a bit ty
The consensus is most prefer the sound of tube amps, but pedals will add all the effects you want to your amp.
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A tube amp will generally have a warmer sound and will gradually break up into a overdrive when played loud.
Would not recommend the ma100 or ma50 as they will be seriously loud! Have you looked at the marshall class 5 (don't be tricked by the 5 watts, it's loud).
Not sure if this is always true but from my experiences tube amps tend to take to effects pedals better.

I also think that you grow out of the MG and want a tube amp
Generally speaking, the Marshall MG range should be avoided like the plague.

The MA range is not great either.

Tubes are warmer, and kinda more 'real' sounding, they respond to your pick attack/volume control better, and just generally sound better.

So, first of all, don't limit yourself to Marshall. Marshals low end stuff tends to be crap. However, if you are not gigging you could look into the Class 5. Also take a look at Jet City, their amps are excellent and certainly kill the MG and MA ranges.

Secondly, effects pedals > inbuilt effects. The inbuilt effects in most amps are crap anyway, and the MG is no exception.
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Yes what I am really trying to avoid is the kind of digital/effects amp. I want the amp to really bring out the sound of the guitar. I can always add pedals. I'm currently using an LTD and I'm having the pickups swapped out for the seymour duncan sh-2n/tb-4 set I just really liked the marshall tone. I have been trying out different amps and I really like marshall and blackstar amps. I want to spend about 500-600 euro max. not sure if I'm going for a combo or a stack... I have a roland cube 20X now and I'm ready for something new after almost 3 years of playing with the roland cube. I'm not gigging right now but I am really looking to get started again! thank you all for your patience
Judging by your last post I would really recommend the class 5, can be cranked to get 'the marshall' tone also with that budget if you buy the amp used you could get yourself some good pedals
Yeah, try a Class 5. I'd say if your able to test them out, try a Class 5, Jet City 20 watt combo, Blackstar HT-5 and an Orange Tiny Terror.

This is all assuming you aren't gigging, if you are wanting to get back into it in the future, then I'd say a Blackstar HT-50 head, Jet City JCA50H, Peavey Windsor. However in this case you will need a cab. Although there is a Blackstar HT-40 combo, and a Jet City 50w combo.
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well most places round here have peavey amps you can use so that's alright
I tried a blackstar HT-5 I think and I was pretty impressed by that as well! I haven't tried any orange amps yet but I am kind of drawn to them. Heard a lot of good things about them plus I think an orange amp is kind of cool haha. The class 5 seems cool! I should've tried the orange amps.. I don't think I can try any jet city amp because I haven't seen them around here.. ever. The local guitar shop here is a premium blackstar dealer but they have some orange and marshall amps as well. It's hard to decide what you're looking for when trying amps.. thanks for all the advice
If you drive a tube amp into overdrive with a boost pedal, the result is pleasant and musical. If you put the same boost pedal in front of a transistor amp to drive it, the result is harsh and unbearable.

Tube amps also tend to be louder than transistor amps at the same wattage.

As for a reccommended amplifier, I'd say go with a Blackstar HT-20 combo. Despite having a reputation for being gain monsters, they're pretty versatile in my opinion. It's also loud enough to do pub gigs, but does sound good at bedroom volumes as well.
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I think I will deffo be going for tube then and I well check out the blackstar HT-20 Thanks