I know this is a proper dumb idea, but is it do-able? can i take me schecter sgr and make it a set in neck with a bit of glue and make tighten up the tolerances a tad? and if i did could i shape the heel a bit to make it more comfortable like say how a hellraisers heel is?
Beautiful thing about guitars, you can modify them in almost any way.

Just gotta be very careful.. i would seek professional advise from a gear-head before tackling something like that.

Especially when a shecter is involed o.O
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In theory, yes, but what if you need to change the neck?
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^what if you need to change the neck on, say, a gibson les paul?
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I wouldn't suggest it. Sounds like you'd get the worst of both worlds to me. I'd suggest if you don't like the neck plate, go with furrells and countersink the screws (don't mind my spelling) instead, then you can carve a contoured heel. Make sure you use a shorter screw though four the carved side.
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No you couldn't. Bolted neck pockets arent deep enough to hold the tension of the strings without bolts because theire is not enough contact surface between the neck and the body. If you look at any glued neck guitar, the tenon extend under the neck pickup to macimize the strenght of the join. A bolted neck pocket is too small, and if you carve the heel to make it smoother, you are going to lessen the joint surface, and thus the strenght of the heel. This way will only result in a epic fail once you string it up. To make it work, you will need a new neck with a proper tenon and major reshaping pf the body. Unless you really love your SGR, wich is a starter guitar, i strongly advice you against this idea. Save the money for a proper set neck guitar.