how much should i sell this for? (sry if im posting this in the wrong thread)

-used g-dec junior amp ( nothing wrong with it)

-used Squir strat affinity guitar ( no tremolo bar because it kinda snapped in half + couple scratches on pickguard + pickup selector a little bent but works)

-owned both for over 2 years

-ill probably add a guitar cable and replace the strings on guitar with new elixirs since the high E string broke awhile ago

i could use some money and more space in my room lol. what would you suggest me selling it for? i was thinking originally $200-$250?
you probably wont get anywhere near what you want unfortunately, the amp itself new is 150 and the guitar is damaged (snapped bar, scratched, bent pup selector) you might be able to get 75 bucks, i recently sold some gear and trust me, you don't get what you want, I had an amp that was originally priced at 800 (previous owner gave me the receipt from when he bought it) and i only got 300 for it, and that was pushing it, i got really lucky, most people didnt even want to give me 200
bro, squier trem arms are really easy to replace - fix it up first, all you have to do is drop in some new parts. Scratched pickguards fine but if you want to be anal you can replace that too. polish it up nicely.

I have no clue about your amp, but due to a really shit estimation by the fact your playing on a damaged squier im just going to assume your a noob, and say that the amp is equivalent to an MG, so you wont get that much for it either.

good luck though - may i suggest though you try sell it to a non guitarist though? otherwise they'll just pick your gear to shreds.